Privacy Policy (FFS)

I don’t personally collect any details about you, ‘nor do I want anything from you…apart from your best wishes, comments, witty interaction or whatever. (my hosting providers) probably do collect information from you – so, if you feel inclined and you want to know more, you can wade through all of that business, here:

Privacy Notice for Visitors to Our Users’ Sites

Believe me, I’ve got no intention of flogging whatever tiny scraps of information I have about my rapidly dwindling readership to any mercenary shark-eyed marketing bastards*

(*and apologies to you, dear reader, if you do happen to be a shark-eyed marketing bastard…some of my best acquaintances are shark-eyed marketing bastards, and they really are very nice)

If -and that’s a big IF- I actually get off my flatulent backside and publish something in the near future – and you follow my blog, you’ll get some sort of notification, either via email or some fancy-pants push-based notification doo-dah to your blog reader jobby.

If you’re happy to carry on like that, then that’s all groovy.  If you don’t want any more of it, then just unsubscribe…I won’t be offended.

So, in a nutshell: I don’t keep your details and am not even vaguely interested in keeping them.  If you don’t want any more beer-related clap-trap from me, UNSUBSCRIBE.  There should be a UNSUBSCRIBE link on the emails emanating from this site.

And if you can’t face clicking a hyperlink, just email me and I’ll unsubscribe you from YIMB and re-subscribe you to something like Readers Digest…  :o)

..and God only knows I’ll do my best to scrub your details briskly from anywhere on the site too.  It’s your right to be forgotten…apparently.


(Oh yeah, and I’ve stopped posting to Facebook too – as FB is soooo last year, man.)