20140712_205016There, I’ve said it…

I’m still wondering how in the name of all that’s holy did Aldi manage to get hold of this American IPA in sufficient quantities to sell it at a quid a bottle in their stores?

Don’t hang about long enough to read this review, get down there and stock up before they run out.  It’s an absolute, complete and utter bargain.

Aldi, will you start stocking up on more US “craft” beers, please?  I’ll be shopping at your stores every week if you do – hell, you can even appoint me as your chief consumer taster of new beers if you like…now THAT’S generosity.

Shipyard IPA is that typical US IPA colour of bronzey-copper-orange with a good solid head retention.

While it’s not as madly hoppy in the aroma as I’d normally like IT’S STILL A QUID A BOTTLE.  The fuggles hops that are there are solid enough to let you know this is a US IPA and the malt is more than evident.

Shipyard is well carbonated and has a good solid malty mouth-feel.  A sustaining and tasty bitterness is backed up with malty sweetness and a hefty dose of lovely hoppy goodness.

This is a typical representation of the US IPA style – even if it’s not the standard US IPA “C” hop types and isn’t as completely mental as others, it’s a great introduction to the style…

I still can’t believe it’s only a quid.  STOCK UP NOW!