Home-Brewed Chinarillo IPA: Tasting Notes

This tasting has been a long time in coming, so apologies for that.  The truth is that I’ve been sampling it from time-to-time, but this past spell of hot weather, and me with no kegerator, means that I’ve been mainly pulling pints of foam.

Fortunately a break in the heat has at last allowed to me to get some beer out and some notes down about it.

Straight from the cornelius keg we’re still getting a fairly monstrous head, but that will calm down as the weather cools.  The head is dense, long lasting and quite sticky.  Colour-wise it’s a hazy orangey-coppery, the haziness coming from a small amount of yeast still in suspension and the generous amount of Amarillo dry hopping.

The aroma that I get is bold, assertive and pretty much how I want it to be – zesty, grapefruity and really, really fresh.  There’s a little bit of minerality there too and a lovely malt ‘n’ alcohol underscore.

In the taste I get a truckload of BIG flavour: grapefruit, citrus peel and sweet malt – along with a very satisfying bitterness (about 50IBUs according to my calculations!)  The citrus and bitterness take turns to dominate before they fade to echoes of orangey citrus and malt, muted vegetative hops and a sublime bitter finish on the aftertaste…the mouth-feel is good, quite heavy, but good all the same.

I couldn’t be happier with the way that this turned out and I must have at least 15 litres of it left too!

When I make the next version (Chinook and Cascade) I may swap a little of the Vienna malt out for a small amount of Crystal malt (mainly for a colour difference and a slight spin on the taste).  I’m also thinking that I might drop some of the malt (500gms or so) to be replaced with dextrose or something just to dry out the body a tad…

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I need to plan another brew day soon, as this keg won’t last forever…I will post when I do.