A “pint” (if you want one): Marstons EPA


Here’s another rapidly written review for you to rapidly read.

In a glass:  EPA (English Pale Ale, if you wondered) is very pale indeed and very carbonated, I can see clean through it.  Where would we be without isinglass finings, eh?  A slick and thinnish head.  A promise of good things.

Sweet cereal on the nose with just the faintest suggestion of Kellogs Crunchy Nut Cornflakes although not much in the way of hop presence…

The taste is all light, breezy and quite tasty. Lightly malty and with a little hint of spritzy hoppy bitterness that’s backed up by a nice dry bite that encourages further consumption.

EPA isn’t terribly complex or fascinating, but it does the job when you want a “pint” – albeit out of a bottle.  I drank my EPA after clearing a load of flood water and blocked drains – and it did a good job of refreshing me.