Hopping Mad: BrainStorm

hopping-mad-brainstormI had a pint of Brainstorm at the Black Prince in Woodstock, when there with work colleagues; and with it being a lunchtime and everything I didn’t take as many notes as I should have, so this will be a short review…

Pours a nice amber colour with an attractive faintly off-white head.   There were some hop notes in the aroma, which together with the maltiness, left me hopeful of good things from this beer.

A nice standard sort of Best Bitter theme, with a decent enough dry finish.  English-accented hop flavours and a solid malty body make Brainstorm a good bet if you should see it on tap.


(Maddeningly Hopping Mad don’t seem to want to give away too much information on their beers – at least not that I could find.  Shame, as they’re all probably really good…and probably could do with being shouted about, a bit)