Lactobacillus (and others!) Fermented Hot Sauce – Tasting Notes

There’s a good reason that the tasting notes for this took so long time appear, and that’s because it took a fair few weeks to ferment!

Initially it sat about for a couple of days sitting around doing pretty much zip, and then magically sprung to life and started making these big old gas pockets in the pepper pulp and a very definite watery layer started to appear from the bottom up.

20150207_222846Then it really got into it’s stride and at one point was pushing the sauce out of the top of the bottle.

After a few more weeks, nearly all of the pulp turned to a viscous liquid and I declared the fermentation done.  I’m sure I could have kept it a lot longer, but I’m an impatient sort and I wanted some sauce to splash on my food.

I strained the mash into a jug, pumped up the volume by about a third using white vinegar (as this should help to preserve it, in or out of the fridge)

Then it was time for bottling.  One of the girls in our staff restaurant at work has been saving Tabasco bottles up for me – which has been very helpful.  I had to use a syringe to get it into the weeny openings on the bottles, which is a bit of a faff – but it’s no biggie.

IMG-20150312-WA0004The finished sauce smells and looks great – a really nice Tabasco orangey-red…for about an hour – and then it starts to separate.  Really badly.  A quick shake solves it, but it’s a bit disappointing.  I’ll probably make it a lot thicker next time and not use as much water in the volume.

Taste wise it’s hot, but not powerfully so and the garlic-fruitiness is well to the fore.  I’ve been through a lot of this sauce in a very short time and will definitely be making it again.  It’s too nice not to!