Home Brewed Chinarillo IPA Update (Refractometer readings)

Cast your mind a couple of few posts back…remember I brewed this up:


Well it’s been sat in the fermenter for seven days days now, so I thought it’s be time to give it the old gravity check and dry hop routine.  Taking off the airlock let out a good aroma of hops, and quite a strong yeasty smell.  I hope to lose one when I keg, and keep the other…guess which?

A sterilised pipette full of wort was dripped carefully onto the refractometer and I had a squint through the eyepiece.  1024.  That doesn’t sound too good, does it?  But due to the alcohol content in the beer the figures get all screwed up.  Cue Sean Terrill’s excellent spreadsheet:


Sean is an uber-god when it comes to brewing science, and his spreadsheet lets you just plug in the Brix measurement (look it up, I haven’t got the inclination to explain, and probably couldn’t adequately) from before fermentation and then after; the spreadsheet then works out the finishing gravity (FG) from these two figures, plus also giving you figures for apparent attenuation and all that good stuff and adjusts for the alcohol content.


So it looks like I’m pretty much there fermentation-wise with an FG of somewhere around 1008 and an ABV of somewhere around 6.5% happy days indeed.

Before screwing the lid back onto the ferementer I tossed in 25g of Amarillo, which should push the hoppiness along quite nicely.  It’s going to sit there for another seven days, after which it’ll be going into the keg.  I may fine it (depending on how cloudy it’s looking) as it goes into the corny.  We’ll see.

20130617_202653I spy with my little eye…a 6.5% IPA

Get yourself a refractometer, you waste sooo little beer compared to a trial jar and hydrometer