Wild Weather Ales: Shepherd’s Warning


Here we are again, back from a couple of week’s worth of slog – preparing for the professional level of the Amazon Web Services Certified Solution Architect exam.  It was a beta, so I’ve no idea if I’ve passed yet…and won’t have for another couple of weeks or so

(Quite honestly I think I won’t have even scraped it, it was waaay harder than I expected – but I only had ten days to prepare, so these things must be expected…plus there was precious little in the way of guidance on what to prepare for…)

But hey, I’ve drunk some beers over the last few weeks and now I’ll get on writing them up, here.

Post exam, yesterday, I wended my way to The Greyfriar in Reading (just a convenient stone’s throw from the station.  I’ll write more about them in the next post…)

The chap behind the bar put me onto Wild Weather Ale’s “Shepherd’s Warning” and I’m mightily glad that he did, this is the most exciting cask IPA I’ve had in a long time; just like a US-inspired keg IPA but out of a cask.  Happy days.

The pump clip reminded me very much of the artwork from an Ozric Tentacles album cover – which can only be a good thing.

The half (I had to drive later, nuts.) arrived all golden hazy and with a sea-foam-oily, inviting-looking head.  This looked like all-malt goodness in a glass.

The nose was clean, lightly grainy, and pleasantly hoppy.

The taste was clean, breezy and refreshing – bringing along a great mouthful of bright stone-fruit hop-inspired flavours.  A keening, hoppy bitterness sat astride the whole and made it it’s business to get into every part of your mouth.  A pleasing alcoholic note fitted right in alongside all of this and made everything right with the world.

After the swallow a lengthy and enjoyable bitterness pervaded – entirely commensurate with the IPA style – and hung about, highlighting this beers marvellous refreshing qualities.

This is without doubt the best IPA I’ve had out of a cask (not keg, remember) for a long time.  Highly recommended.  I look forward to getting in and amongst the complete Wild Weather range of beers in future.  Watch out for these folks, they could go big with beers this good.

 http://www.wildweatherales.com/beer/  (Brush up your site folks!  It’s painfully slow.  Don’t keep the people from finding out about your lovely, lovely beers…)