Siren: Sound Wave IPA

SoundwaveAs I was still reeling about after drinking Sound Wave, I forgot to photograph it.  If this is your photo let me know…

Ah.  Siren’s beers…this is where the effusiveness-o-meter generally starts going off the scale a bit; I’ll try to be objective and not gush too much.

Sound Wave pours a really lovely clear amber-gold colour. I don’t know how they work out their carbonation rates (I’ve tried working it out for my beers and always go with a half to a quarter teaspoon of unrefined cane sugar – with variable success) but Siren have it pretty much smack on.  As I never tire of saying, thoughtful carbonation can only do your beer good.

With a delicious looking head atop and a slight haze – most probably from dry hopping (yum) – this is a tasty looking and pretty beer.

The aroma is gorgeous: candyish sweetness, floral and citrus hop notes, fruity yeastiness, and with a smooth malt note running through, it’s bloody glorious.

On the taste I get resin, pine, citrus and floral notes from the hops, a little bitterness and a subtle honeyed malt character, with a dry and not over-the-top bitter finish.

On the after-taste lingering echoes of bitter and pine needles and floral dominate.

This is a special beer and is something that a lot of other brewers would do well to study in order to understand what beer should be aspiring to in 2014 and onwards.

On balance, I think I prefer Siren’s Liquid Mistress ( as that has a smidge more malt sweetness, whereas Sound Wave is a touch drier…but that’s just me.

Pick either of them and enjoy – they’re both bloody marvellous.