I can’t believe that I like this: Greene King – St Edmunds Golden Ale

20140616_193609Another short and sweet review today as I’ve built up a backlog due to sheer laziness.  Hold on to your hats, off we go…

A Greene King beer that I actually like?  Yes, I know.  I don’t believe it, either.

Arriving in a glass a lovely polished brass colour, St Edmund’s Golden ale looks appetising and comes in smaller 375ml (I think) bottles – which are ideal for this time of year where you just want a quick drink of something at a lunchtime and not a whole pint.

Lighty malty with a slightly spicy and almost “minty” hop aroma – I’m impressed.  Most GK beers I’ve had before have sweet FA in the way of nose.

Delicately effervescent and with that same light maltiness plus a not-so-meagre hand with the hopping make for quite a tasty enjoyable flavour and a lasting quenching bitterness.  Style-wise we’re pretty much smack on the money.

Apparently St Ed’s is made with Cascade, but I couldn’t really discern it in the flavour or the aroma…but I’m not too bothered.

Well done Greene king.  This isn’t a barn-stormer of a beer – and it’s not hugely complex, but it’s enjoyable and I haven’t said that about a GK beer for a long time.