Stone: Ruination IPA


I managed to get hold of this beer from Westholme Stores in Goring-on-Thames (  If you get the chance to go there, do, it’s marvellous: a quiet and unassuming looking village Londis store turns out to actually be a standard village Londis store WITH OVER 600 DIFFERENT SORTS OF BOTTLED BEER.  I left Westholme stores considerably lighter in pocket then when I went in…

Anyway, onto the Ruination IPA – which true to it’s name does have the ability to be quite literally the ruination of you.

Pouring a brilliant crystal clear light-amber with a glorious carbonation…beer of this presence needs to have it’s carbonation smack on: too fizzy and it’s all seltzery like champagne; too flat and it gets a bit Gold Lable-y (and those of you who’ve had that will know what I mean)

The aroma was big…big bales of hops – not floral, flouncy bundles of joy – but big bruising, dank and heavy – burnt orange, pine and resin.

Wow.  The taste is a massively punchy hop load, followed up with a serious alcohol wallop and backed up by smooth malt and a big bitterness that runs on and on, pulling further darkness, pine and resinous notes across your tongue for desserts.

There are no niceties. This is a bruiser IPA, but excellent with it.  Try it and admire just how much hoppiness can be stuffed into a bottle.

Ruination even makes Brewdog hopping seem a little tame by comparison.