BLACK! The Blackness! @TownMillBrewery – Black Ven

20141123_192152God, how I loved The Fast Show:

…and how I also love the output of the folks from the Town Mill Brewery in Lyme Regis.

Black(!) Ven pours a very suitably black, black, with a nice faintly off-white head.

The nose is all minerals and malt with a subtle fruitiness.

There’s lots of carbonation up-front before you get to the taste and then it’s all warm alcohol, complex woody and fruity notes and then a very gentle charred note at the back. A good mouth-feel – despite the slightly generous carbonation.

Black Ven gets even more complex after the swallow and resurges nicely with leather and wood and more gentle char.

I think this is a lovely, complex porter – but I do wish it was a tad less carbonated.

Mouth-watering and tasty.

Well done (again) Town Mill…

A Best that could actually be “The Best”: Town Mill Brewery (@TownMillBrewery) – Town Mill Best

20140910_193501I got a box of Town Mill beers from Ceri for my birthday, which was very nice of him.  I didn’t actually realise how nice, until I’d tasted this one…

Town Mill Best is a really beautiful deep mahogany red, with a head that fluffs up and then slowly subsides – just like a best bitter should.

The aroma is glorious, and I use that word because it’s so befitting: an aroma of chestnuts and malt with slight mineral edge. This is a very original aroma and is really lovely – maybe it’s just that extra chocolate malt in the grain bill that does it?  Either way it’s an absolute triumph.

The taste is of beautifully judged crystal and sweet pale malt, an excellent, no REALLY excellent, deep creamy-nutty taste – you know, a bit like hazelnuts –  with a perfect bitterness and a very long after-taste of malt and bitter and nuttiness.

This beer is sooo nutty and sooo beautiful.  I challenge you to find a better classic English pint this year.  Bitter of the year for me, definitely…and I still have a couple of their other beers to try.  Hooray!