Two Rivers: Porter’s Pride


First off: this stuff looks the part.  If you want to experience how the porter style probably was back at it’s inception in the 1700’s then Porter’s Pride is the way to go.  It’s advertised as a brown porter, but due to roastiness in the taste that I experienced, I reckon it’s almost in the robust porter category.

Porter’s Pride pours with a crazy big head, it’s a little over-carbonated from the bottle conditioning – but soon calms down

The label says there’s brown malt and you can’t half smell it; the aroma is malty, a little bit roasty and chocolatey in the extreme…it also has a bit of minerality as well as some unexpected fruity yeast-type phenolics.  I’d love to know what strain of yeast these folks are using…

The taste is a a real mouthful of malt and again those almost fruity phenolic notes…God, I’d love it if these folks at Two Rivers were using a Belgian yeast strain; maybe they’re just using open fermenters?  Either way it’s a great touch and really makes this beer stand out.

This is a very accomplished beer and I liked it a lot.  Maybe Two Rivers could work in a tiny bit of smoked malt to make Porter’s Pride feel even more authentic than it already is?  All malt in the days of yore was kilned over charcoal or coke, so some smokiness would add even more authenticity!

Good work, Two Rivers…although your website seems to be fadged at the moment: