Everydrop looks like a good water filtering solution for home brewing…

We all know that we should be filtering our water prior to brewing, as chlorine is not a happy bedfellow to a hop – combined they create a nasty medicinal taste in the finished beer.

So with the release of Everydrop by Whirlpool it seems possible to cheaply ($20, no UK price yet) filter all the water you’ll need, at pretty much the same speed as it comes out of the kitchen tap:

Plus it looks like it’ll also filter out all the chloramine, particulates and other rubbish that might be present.

I might get one to replace my Water Gem filter and lengths of garden hose that I currently use for brewing…unless Whirlpool see this and fancy sending me a free one to review…*


(*to date I have received precisely zip in the way of freebies from any brewers or manufacturers to review.  Mind you Vigo did cut me some discount on the Braumeister and chucked some bits in FOC.  We like Vigo.  May they flourish.)