Wychwood Brewery: Hobgoblin


Here’s another beer from another of my local breweries.  Wychwood are the folks we must thank for saving and reviving the old Brakspear brewery name and line of beers.  I’d buy Wychwood beer on the strength of that alone, so it’s something of a bonus that their own beers are very nice indeed too.

Hobgoblin is without doubt a very poular beer and appears to be available nationwide.  I’ve also heard from folks in Ohio, USA, that they get it from time-to-time…

Hobgoblin pours a very deep garnety-brown and is clear as a bell, albeit very dark in colour.  The carbonation is strong and healthy.

Aroma-wise it’s strongly malty with a touch of sulphury-mineral earthiness. I think it’s probably crystal malt that makes up the bulk of the aroma.

The taste is deeply malty, with a theme of red berry fruits and an excellent malt-sweetness.  Hobgoblin isn’t desperately bitter, but the lovely lingering fruitiness coupled with a dryish finish more than makes up for that.

The alcohol is just about detectable but doesn’t poke out – being content to simply bed down and contribute to the other flavours.

All-an-all a good solid mouthful of beer.  No wonder Hobgoblin sells so well.


(Argh!  Flash Attack!  Please stop putting so much flash on your site, Wychwood.  I was virtually convulsing after a minute of looking at it.  The above link should be minus the flash, I hope.)

Wychwood: Rascal


We had to travel back to my wife’s parents in Suffolk on Friday, it was good to see them…and it was also good to be able to get a pint or two in.  When I travel I like to try the local beers, and couldn’t resist this beer which was advertised on the pump as “Deviously Hoppy” so on that basis, I said I’d like one of those please, thanks very much.

Like i said it was a family do, so there wasn’t time for much note-taking, pump-clip studying, etc.  But here’s the skinny on “Rascal” (if you’ll excuse the Americanism…and why wouldn’t you?  a good chunk of  my readers are from the US.)

Enticing hops ‘n’ malt nose.  Marvellous polished brass colour, like the colour of those brass ornaments that old folks clutter their houses up with…no?  No good for you?  OK, imagine it’s the colour of the vicar’s panama hat.

A really smashing sticky lacy head on the top that hung about for ages and actually tasted quite good.

Sweetish malt taste with a solid mouthfeel and a really fantastic quenching bitter trailing edge.  A smooth bitter after-taste that just went on and on…

All in all an excellent summer supper.  If you see it you have to try it.

Oh yes.  And guess who it’s made by?  Wychwood.  A brewery that’s about ten miles away from me at home in Oxfordshire.  Typical.  I wouldn’t have missed this pint for the world, but strictly speaking I should have been drinking local!