Wychwood: Paddy’s Tout


Ho-ho-ho-ho…do you see what they did there?  Those ker-azy guys at Wychwood…

I must admit to not being a massive fan of goofy beer labels (Wood’s Hopping Hare, being another example) but as long as the contents are good, any label is a mere diversion.

This particular stout is very much like the stouts of old, being not another beer under the guinness mantle e.g. an interpretation of a dry Irish stout.

Anyway, once in a pint glass it’s a nice inky black – a quick hold up to the light shows some dark garnet around the edges where the light can get through.  There’s a nice tan head, which starts thinnish and gradually dissipates as time passes, to leave small islands of foam on the top.

There’s not a great deal of aroma, but you can catch a little roastiness and maltiness if you inhale deeply through your nose.

I’m afraid that there’s just too much carbonation in this beer for me, but the joy of a stout is you can open it and always leave it a little while to calm down.  Plus it’ll come up to a nice temperature too.

On the taste I got quite a lot of sweet crystal malt, some roastiness as a backbone and a lasting roast flavour on the aftertaste that took turns with a gentle bitterness to vie for my attention.

I felt that the mouth-feel wasn’t nearly as “sumptuous” as I wanted it to be, I’d love it if Wychwood re-brewed this with some oatmeal…or I’d happily drink this as-is through a nitrogen powered stout tap.

I’d also like it to be a little less sweet, more bitter and a little bit drier (but not in the dry Irish stout/Guinness mould)

So all-in-all it’s a quite nice, uncomplicated stout.  I think I’d compare it more to Murphy’s than Guinness…so if you like a Murphy’s then you’d almost certainly dig Paddy’s Tout.

I’ve no idea how much this beer cost as I got this from m’ beer bro Bish – who swapped it for a bottle of home-brewed Chinarillo IPA…ain’t that grand?